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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Last week we saw alot of very good games. On saturday we saw Oklahoma lose to Texas 16-13 we saw Notre Dame lose to USC 34-27 ,we saw G-Tech dismantle V-Tech 28-23 V-Tech almost came back in that game and Florida excapted a lose to Arkansas 20-23. This week the best game to watch will be Tennesee vs Alabama, Texas vs Missouri,TCU vs BYU and Clemson vs Miami.

In the MLB we saw the Yankees took a 2-0 lead in the series going back to LA and because of a bad move by the coaches they lose on a walk off hit. The Yankees up in that series 2-1. C.C Sabathia is on the mound tonight as the Yankees look to take a 3-1 series lead going back to New York. Also last night we saw the Dodgers lose the game completly last night. Jimmy Rollins hits a walk off run winning the game last night and taking a 3-1 lead going back to the Dodger stadium. Right now it looks like the Phillies are going to the World Series and the Dodgers are going home.

On sunday we learned a few things that the Saints are better than the Giants, the Ravens need a new kicker and that returners are noiw going to be a little more jumpy after Dante Wesley knocked out Clinton Smith . Dante Welsey should not be suppended for that hit it was a cheap shot but this is football somebody will be cheap shot almost every week thats how it is football is soppose to be filled with hard hitting. This sunday the very best game you should not miss is the Minnesota Vikings going to the steel city to face the Pittsburgh Steelers , the Falcons go to face the big D in Dallas , the Bears go to Cinncy and the Saints go to Miami to face Ronnie Brown and the wildcat offense.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tonight the NCLS begins as the Phillies go up against the Dodgers. I think that the Dodgers will take this series in 7 games. But who knows Ryan Howard and Company are very capable of beating the Dodgers we will see tonight as Cole Hamels goes against Clayton Kershaw.

In the regular season the Dodgers won the series 4-3 just like I said I think the Dodgers will take it in 7. Tomorrow night the Yankees host the Angels as C.C Sabathia is on the mound and goes against John Lackey of the Angels. The Yankees will most definally beat the Angels. Even though the series is tied 5-5 the Yankees have the upper hand. They have the best hitting rotation. With 9 players who have double digit home runs this year. The Yankees will take game 1 even though it might be a long night due to rain that is expected friday night.

On Saturday there are a few games I will be watching first obiously the Oklahoma-Texas game that comes on at noon. Then the Usc-Notre Dame game that comes on at 3:30. Also the Florida-Arkansas,V-Tech-G-Tech and the Alabama-S.Carolina games alot of good games on saturday and if the MLB championship Series and the College Football games that feature the Red River Rivalry and the longest rivalry of two teams that aren't even in the same confrence is not enough for you the New Orleans Saints host the N.Y Giants in a battle of two undefeated teams in the NFC,the best running back in the nfl all day Adrain Peterson,Brett Farve and the Minnesota Vikings host Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens and the Sunday night game is the Atlanta Falcons versus the Chicago Bears.

This is a great week for sports fans alot of great games and with possible championship implocations.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

King Sports

Last night the return of KG was great for Boston he had six points and five rebounds in thirteen minutes. Last night Boston looked liked they were in championship form and Rasheed Wallace was still Rasheed Wallace he got a techanial foul after a hard foul on Trevor Ariza. Boston looks like they will be playin in june.

Also the first Ron Artest sighting in purple and gold was last night he scored twelve points pulled down seven rebounds and dished out seven assist. The Lakers not only beat the Golden State Warriors 118-101 last night they put them on the wrong end of a sport center top play when gaurd Sheldon Brown drove and completely embarissed Mikki Moore dunking on him and got the and 1 call.The Lakers and the Celtics could meet in june playin for the Larry O'Brian trophy.

Last night was full of great plays and games. The Fever were beat in front of Peyton Manning as they lost to the Phoenix Mercury 90-77. The Yankees beat the Twins 7-2 on the shoulders of Derek Jeter as the Yankees took game one. CC Sabathia pitched for 2runs,8hits,1error and 8 strikeouts. At the game last night was Jay Z and he got his moneys worth and so did every other fan that showed up routing on the Yankees. Also the Dodgers took game 1 beating the Cardinals 5-3 and the Phillies beat the Rockies 5-1.

The Red Sox play tonight against the Angels and game 2 of both the Phillies,Rockies and the Dodgers,Cardinals comes on today.Preseason basketball comes on tonight as the Bobcats play the Hornets and Utah plays Madrid.