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Monday, November 30, 2009


Yesterday week 12 in the NFL showed a great rivalry game that meant everything to the two teams and that game went down to the wire. I am refering to the Steelers Ravens game that had everything you could ask for. A young rookie QB starting for the first time versus the best defense in the NFL in a primetime game in Baltimore. I was wondering all day sunday how he would react to that but Dennis Dixon only made one mistake but it cost them the game so it was a huge mistake but he played pretty good to say its his first game ecspecialy when you say hewas playing at Baltimore. But nw both teams are outside looking in right now with the Broncos with one playoff spot and Jacksonville with the other. It is going to be interesting to see who is gonna get those final two spots.

The undeafeted. Indianappolis had a comeback win against the Texans yesterday that was bad for the Texans who were up by 17 at one point. The Texans beat themselves out of the playoffs losing close game to division rivals Indy and Tennesee both close games the Texans should have won but instead the Texans have a 5-6 record and probraly will not make the playoffs. The other unbeaten team plays a huge game tonight as the Saints host the Pats on Monday Night Football. The Saints have to stop the golden boy Tom Brady and wide recivers Randy Moss and Wes Welker. The Saints have Darren Sharper back there so deep passes can be picked and ran back which we know Darren Sharper can do and has done it against Tom Brady before it is going to be a great game alot of scoring to. I would be surprised if te game did not end in the late 30s early 40s like the final score is 42 38 or something like that. But I am sticking with my pick andI still think that Brady to Moss you can't beat that.

The score on Sunday. There were some good games on sunday here were a few the Falcons without Matt Ryan beat the Bucs 20 -17 the Colts as I mentioned earlier beat the Texans in a comeback win 35-27. Philidelphia won a close game beating division rival Washington 27-24 with Desean Jackson on the bench with a concosion. Minnesota destroyed Chicago 36-10 Brette Farve playing like Brette Farve he threw for 392 yards and 3TD's. The Titans beat the Cardinals thanks to Vince Young as he lead the Titans 99 yards down the field to beat the Cardinals Vince Young 5-0 since getting his job back and 2-0 versus Matt Leinart. Vince Young should have been the starting QB since week one they probraly would be in the playoffs. The bay area teams won there games easily as the Chargers beat the Cheifs 43-14 the new LT broke two NFL records in this game and The 49ers beat the Jaguars 20-3 with the Jags fumbling in the redzone way to much these days. 7 turnovers in the redzone in the last 20 trips thats not good and finaly the best game from sunday I talked about it first the Steelers needed to win but a rookie QB versus a Ray Lewis defence thats not good Dennis Dixon played very well to say it was his first and to say that it was a primetime game at baltimore he did very well.

Week 13 shows big playoff hopefuls versus each other. As the Eagles go to the ATL with Mike Vick back in Atlanta for the first time since he was cut by the Falcons. The Titans go to Indy and the Cowboys go to face the Giants.